Welcome, Friends!
Moravian Mercantile & VI Boutique are gift shops in North Carolina that have been in business since 2012.  We have always had passion for hard-to-find Moravian gifts, handcrafted goods, as well as the curation of specialized boutique jewelry and accessories. 
We have regular local pop-up shops, and you'll also find some of our items on Etsy.  
Thank you for being such WONDERFUL customers and for all your support throughout the years. You're the reason we love what we do!! We are excited to get our bearings back after a difficult post-covid season.
Stay tuned as we make progress going forward!
[  So, what is "Moravian," you ask? If you're from the North Carolina area, you may be familiar with the historic district of Old Salem, in Winston-Salem, NC - a beautifully preserved community of original Moravian buildings and practices. Moravians are also their own church denomination, as well as a collection of traditions of ancient Eurasian descent. It is very special in our area, and to those in our local communities. As a handmade artisan that specializes in unique Moravian goods, it only seemed fitting to name this phase of our business after something so near and dear to our heart and to our local community.  We have increased our Moravian offerings and are working on getting the website up to speed. But don't fret, Moravian goods aren't all we offer - just a special niche we are serving! We offer a variety of handmade and curated jewelry, as well as various accessories, gift, and home items.  ]